The Grady Liver Clinic

Founded in 2002 by a group of general internists, the GradyLiver Clinic provides comprehensive care, including treatment, for people withchronic hepatitis C. The Liver Clinic operates twice a week out of the PrimaryCare Center at Grady Memorial Hospital, a 1,000 bed public teaching hospital inAtlanta, Georgia. Patients are introduced to the clinic with an hour-long groupeducation session led by a physician, who teaches participants about thenatural history of hepatitis C infection, its transmission, and treatmentoptions. The clinic is staffed by three internists from the Emory University'sDivision of General Medicine, a clinical pharmacist, and a physician from theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention. Services provided include extensiveeducation and counseling about hepatitis C, full medical evaluation, vaccinationfor hepatitis A and B, laboratory testing, radiology, liver biopsy, andtreatment for chronic hepatitis C.

As the Medical Director of the Grady Liver Clinic, Dr.Lesley Miller has had seven years of experience in caring for patients withhepatitis C. Dr. Miller is a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine inNew York, and completed her residency in Primary Care Internal Medicine atEmory University School of Medicine. She has been on Emory's faculty in GeneralMedicine since 2001, and is board certified in internal medicine. Dr. Millerhas received several research grants and is actively involved in clinicalresearch in the Liver Clinic, aimed at improving care for patients withhepatitis C. She also plays an active role teaching and supervising medicaltrainees.